Who is Tagaziel?

Hello there! Welcome to Tagaziel’s Den, a peaceful spot intended to act as a hub for all of my writing, professional work, hobbies, and the occasional cat. Or two. Or fifteen.

OK, but who are you, exactly?

Tagaziel theĀ Cat is my avatar on the web. He’s an alien space cat with lots of opinions and no reservations about sharing them, regardless of whether the other party wants to listen or not. He’s represented me for a good fifteen years or so. Barring minor cosmetic alterations, he’s remained remarkably consistent.

Tagaziel theĀ person is a thirty year old Polish guy, who’s been happily married for close to ten years, has a little son, graduated law, and currently works as a wiki manager for Gamepedia. He’s also a very opinionated leftist with a lifelong love of history and science, especially in the modern period. Don’t get him started on the subject, or he’ll talk your ear off for the next two hours or so.